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The Identity Security Model for Trust

A Series on Mastering Identity Security

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In recent months, leading security and hospitality organizations have fallen victim to identity-based attacks. Is your Identity Security program secure and resilient enough?

Attackers don't take a 90-day break from their mischief. Now is the time to explore and address any gaps with securing people, processes and technologies in your Identity Security program. In this webinar series, you’ll learn the differences between managing identities and securing them. We’ll provide expert insights and strategies to help you implement security controls that cover all types of identities, gain end-to-end visibility into all access activity and shut attackers out.

Session 1
Strengthening Your Security Perimeter to Shut Down Identity-Based Attacks

Identity is the ideal security perimeter, but it’s under constant threat. While user identities and access controls defend digital assets, recent security breaches highlight vulnerabilities in the Identity security perimeter.

Join CyberArk experts as they dissect modern cyber threats, extract valuable lessons and share proactive steps to fortify your organization’s security perimeter. Ideal for security, IT and security-focused professionals, this webinar offers insights to mitigate modern risks and protect your organization against evolving Identity-based attacks.

Session 2
Maximize Risk Reduction with an Identity Security Approach

In this session, you will learn how to maximize risk reduction by seamlessly managing and securing all identities. We’ll explain what an Identity Security platform should offer and why.

This includes the ability to correlate controls according to levels of risk posed by user/access, and the ability to apply intelligent controls with less friction at the end user experience. We will define intelligent controls and how to put them into practice.

Session 3
Why You Need a Battle-Tested PAM Solution

In a time where digital assets are the crown jewels of organizations, securing privileged access is a must. With decades of digital battlefield experience, discover how CyberArk PAM, built for security from Day 1, can help fortify your organization against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Join us to learn why a battle-tested PAM solution is best to deliver cyber-risk reduction, enable operational efficiencies, and satisfy audit and compliance across your workforce.

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Session 4
Endpoint Privilege Security: The Cornerstone of Identity Protection

Join us to explore the crucial role of securing privileges, credentials, and the web browser on endpoints in identity protection, using CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager. Our expert will discuss how CyberArk EPM becomes a cornerstone in your security strategy by eliminating local admin rights, enforcing role-specific least privilege, combating ransomware, and creating an audit trail.

Learn how to approach least privilege for various identity groups, define application control policies, fortify your organization against cyber threats, and enable a seamless user experience. This webinar is a must-attend for IT and security professionals seeking to enhance their organization’s security posture.

Session 5
Why Just Securing Human Identities Is Not Enough

If your business leverages digital technology – and who doesn’t – then securing human access is not enough, attackers will find the weak point. Don’t let it happen to you! In this session you'll learn why you need to secure both your human and machine identities, as well as the applications and workloads they access, along with approaches leading organizations are taking.

Join us to learn why a battle-tested Identity Security solution with the leading solution for secure cloud access and secrets management is best to deliver cyber-risk reduction across human and machine identities. Flexible dev options help accelerate the deployment of digital technologies across cloud and hybrid environments: a win for security and a win for the business.

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CyberArk is the global leader in Identity Security. Centered on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organizations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets.