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Privilege Cloud Upgrades to Identity Security Platform Shared Services

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Upgrade Your Privilege Cloud Environment to leverage the Identity Security Platform Shared Services

Note - at this time, we are working to upgrade a limited number of Early Availability customers. Requesting an upgrade will reserve your spot in the queue once our upgrade process is available to additional customers.

Please fill out this form if you are interest in upgrading your CyberArk Privilege Cloud tenant to unlock the Identity Security Platform Shared Services. After your form is completed, our team will review your environment and determine the timeline for your upgrade.

This is a complimentary upgrade that will provide superior value. We believe the shared services provide Privilege Cloud customers the strongest possible foundation for a successful PAM deployment.

Specifically, after upgrading, Privilege Cloud administrators and end users will be leveraging a unified admin and end user experience leveraging the following core shared services:

  • Identity Administration:
    • Identity Administration provides a consistent user identity and roles management, authentication and authorization layer for all human and machine identities within an organization.
    • Identity Administration provides support for modern user provisioning and authentication with Azure AD, cloud directories and more. This shared service also adds self-service SAML, LDAP and Radius configurations as well as built-in SSO and MFA.

  • Identity Security Intelligence (ISI):
    • Identity Security Intelligence is a threat intelligence service that automatically detects anomalous user behavior and privileged access misuse for both workforce and privileged users. Identity Security Intelligence also produces real-time alerts and recommends response actions to expedite identification and analysis of high-risk events, driving measurable cyber-risk reduction.

  • Connector Management:
    • The Connector Management shared service offers a centralized view and self-service management capabilities of CyberArk components such as Central Policy Manager (CPM) and Privileged Session Manager (PSM).

Note: As a prerequisite for your upgrade, your organization will need to perform several configuration changes. Once these prerequisites are complete, the CyberArk team will perform the upgrade process.


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