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Early Availability Program: Secure Cloud Access

Provision Just-in-Time, least privilege access to cloud services via the console

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Consistently manage standing and Just-in-Time privileged access with CyberArk. Explore Secure Cloud Access, a new service within the CyberArk Identity Security Platform.

Secure Cloud Access elevates access Just-in-Time for administrative operations in AWS and GCP environments. Permissions for cloud management sessions are scoped with just-enough permissions, adhering to the rule of least privilege access.

Secure Cloud Access is designed to:

  • Implement Just-in-Time Privileged Access: reduce the risk of standing access to the most privileged operations in the public cloud. Access to cloud consoles and CLI is elevated just-in-time, lowering the risk of compromised access.
  • Enforce least privilege and enable Zero Trust: appropriately scope permissions for each role used in a privileged session with intelligent, AI-powered recommendations.
  • Satisfy audit and compliance: protect and monitor sessions to the cloud console and strengthening audit trail and streamlining review.

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