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CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager

AI-Powered Removal of Excessive Permissions

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Implement Least Privilege Across Your Cloud Estate

CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager is a SaaS solution that reduces risk by implementing the Principle of Least Privilege across environments. From a single centralized dashboard, Cloud Entitlements Manager detects hidden, misconfigured and unused permissions and provides granular visibility and cloud agnostic control. Cloud Entitlements Manager improves operational efficiency through a consistent approach to cloud least privilege.

CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager provides the following key features, including:

Gain cloud-agnostic visibility of permissions risk. From a centralized dashboard, navigate and control all permissions to access resources across AWS, AWS EKS, Azure and GCP environments. Interactively map and visualize access relationships between identities and resources. Measure exposure level for full platforms and individual entities, and apply granular policy remediations, all from a single centralized display.

Implement Least Privilege throughout the cloud estate. Identify hidden, unused and misconfigured permissions unique to each cloud platform. Act immediately to remove excessive permissions for human and machine identities. Proactively defend against external adversaries and insider threats.

Operate cloud permissions securely and efficiently. Leverage AI-powered recommendations to rapidly and easily remediate permissions. Granular, code-level policy remediations provide a consistent process for removing entitlements across platforms, applying least privilege without disrupting users or operations.

Proactively reduce risk and measure progress. Use dynamic, environment-specific Exposure Level scores to determine the fastest paths to risk reduction. Quantify risk reduction over time with historical Exposure Level data. Apply least privilege to demonstrate compliance with industry and regulatory frameworks.

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