Join us for a product demo and overview of key features.

CyberArk recently announced CyberArk Privileged Session Manager for Cloud, the industry’s first and only privileged access security solution that delivers a native, unified approach to securing access to multiple cloud platforms (IaaS and PaaS), SaaS applications social media and more.

Privileged Session Manager for Cloud establishes a 3X faster connection when compared to traditional session management solutions. It also streamlines and improves audit review cycle times by assigning risk scoring to privileged user sessions.

In this session, CyberArk’s product management team shared an overview of the product and  also gave a brief demo of key features including:

  • Native & Transparent Access – A native and transparent logon experience eliminates console fatigue and maintains security policy standards across cloud platforms and web applications.
  • Privileged Session Isolation – Secure and isolate privileged sessions for cloud platforms and web applications for accounts managed in the CyberArk Digital Vault.
  • Privileged Session Monitoring & Audit – A single, detailed audit of all privileged user activities is provided across disparate cloud platforms and web applications.
  • Risk Scoring – Customizable risk scoring can be assigned to privileged sessions based on pre-defined, high-risk behaviors and activities.
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