Featured Presenter: Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Neil MacDonald

CISOs have significant strategic and management responsibilities for the protection of an organization’s assets and technologies. With an expanding attack surface, it’s difficult for a CISO to narrow down the endless list of potential security projects.

To help CISOs prioritize and focus on projects that will reduce risk and make a significant impact on the business, Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Neil MacDonald outlined the “Top 10 Security Projects for Security and Risk Management Organizations.” On this list, he identified privileged access management (PAM) as the #1 focus for organizations.

During this webinar, we talk about a risk-prioritized approach that places an emphasis on technology projects that maximize risk reduction for the resources required to deploy them. Five of the top 10 projects will be covered.

Learn how the projects enable you to:  
  • Support the changing needs of cyber security (access protection, threat protection, risk management, development) and digital business initiatives
  • Support a CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment) strategic approach
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