Can Your Cloud Native Applications Keep a Secret?

Managing secrets – including database credentials, API and encryption keys, and passwords – in applications and processes can be burdensome, and it’s understandably tempting for engineers to resort to storing secrets in unsecured plain text files or in the native secret stores of DevOps tools. Enter DevSecOps which makes it easier to extend good security practices to workloads, cloud-native, containerized and serverless applications.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn how to enable containerized applications to communicate securely with external resources. Secrets that are secured and managed by CyberArk Application Access Manager are delivered seamlessly into runtime containers secured with Aqua Security. Learn how this integrated solution can help you simplify the process of delivering secrets to your application containers.

  • Boaz Michaely, senior product manager, product management for CyberArk
  • Omer Benedict, senior director of product management for Aqua Security
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