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Join us for a DevOps Workshop

Wednesday, December 4 | 10:00AM - 2:00PM

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Securing Ansible Automation Environments with CyberArk

Humans are not perfect. We don’t follow code and we’re not robots. Human processes are manual processes, and today an alarming number of organizations take on manual tasks to manage credentials and onboard secrets into their secret store of choice.

While Ansible takes care of automating processes, too frequently human error or absence of a robust security process results in inadvertent security vulnerabilities. And when poorly secured processes are automated – those vulnerabilities simply scale and unnecessarily expose the enterprise.

Join us on Wednesday, December 4th at 10AM to get practical hands on guidance for how you can fully secure your Ansible Playbooks and environments. Learn how the Ansible integration with CyberArk makes it easy for developers to secure their automated processes.

This session is designed for both:

  • Automation developers that want to secure their Ansible Playbooks and use their organization’s CyberArk infrastructure to manage credentials.
  • Security leaders that want to secure their organization’s Ansible environments and give Ansible automation developers secure access to credentials already managed by CyberArk.
In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and avoid inadvertent mistakes in automation environments, which attackers can exploit and result in costly security breaches.
  • Gain hands-on experience using CyberArk Conjur Open Source and the integration with Ansible Tower.
  • Leave with practical examples for how your team can quickly get started using Conjur Open Source and other CyberArk solutions to manage the credentials Ansible needs to access databases and other resources.
  • Hear directly from Ansible on how to leverage their new features and capabilities.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with and hear from security and automation peers about their challenges and successes for automating and securing IT processes. Our goal is that you’ll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of actionable next steps so that you can start to immediately improve the security of your automated IT processes, as well as to broaden your understanding of how to secure development environments - all without reducing speed and agility.

Register now to save your seat! To allow for a rich hands-on experience, this is an invite-only event with limited space. Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, December 4 
RedHat Chicago
227 W. Monroe St., Suite 4550
Chicago, IL 60606


Red Hat Chicago
227 W. Monroe St., Suite 4550 | Chicago, IL 60606

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